11" Eskimo Fisherman by Moses Kamookak Gjoa Haven

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Moses Kamookak

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Inuit art: Eskimo Fisherman in Stream
Inuit Artist: Moses Kamookak
Size: 11" long, 8" deep, 8" high
Community: Gjoa Haven, NU
Stone: Argillite, caribou antler, sandstone
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Kamookak excels at imagining and carving Inuit life scenes.

Fishing and hunting are daily chores that are essential to life.  You must eat to live. 

This is an amazing piece by Kamookak.

This is a multi medium piece..

Kamookak has used argillite and sandstone for the Inuk and the ground underneath him.  Then he meticulously carved the Inuk's face, hands and all the accoutrements of his fishing expedition with caribou antler. 

The earthy colours of our fisherman are peaceful and magnetic. 

The viewer's eye is drawn to this endearing sculpture.

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