Carving Restoration & Repair

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$650.00 CAD

The unthinkable has happened!

Your treasured carving has fallen on the floor.
It is lying in a million pieces.

Or even worse, you have lost some of the pieces.

Don’t despair!

We invite you to discover our FULL-SERVICE Repair, Restoration, and Rejuvenation Department.

We guarantee METICULOUS RESTORATION of damaged carvings.

NO VISIBLE repair lines.

Your INVESTMENT will look BRAND if it never happened!
Using the amazing skill of our master art restorer, even the most damaged carving can be returned to its original state.

It will be as if the injury to your carving never happened!
Our master art conservator and restorer is.... a professional restorer and impeccable carver.

His work is acclaimed around the world.

Rest assured....your damaged carvings through our service will be fully restored to their Original condition.

Even if you have missing pieces, they will match the stone and reengineer your piece to new again.

We promise you will never see a repair line! 

Whether the restoration is for insurance purposes or for a carving from your personal collection, our promise is to make your treasured carving beautiful again.

250-450$  Small scratches, clean chips
300+$        Replace accessories (tusks, drums)    
550+$.       Broken with No missing parts
850+$.       Reconstruct missing parts

Repairs take 1-3 months.

We ship around the world.

Call Bryce  1 800 457 8110 
Please review some of the many Before and After projects below. And remember...

"We promise to send you only good things"

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