9" Muskox (Musk Ox) Horn Fish by Buddy Alikamik

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Buddy Alikamik

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Inuit art: Fish
Inuit Artist: Buddy Alikamik
Size: 11" across (beak to tail), 9" horizontal, 9" tall, 4" deep
Community: Holmen, NU
Material: musk ox horn
id: caps-816000262ajjy

Here is another extraordinary iconic sculpture shaped from muskox horn.

As a medium, muskox horn is exotic and eclectic.

Alikamik has capitalized on the salient features of the muskox horn (its curves, the pastel pink hues and the smooth texture). The result is a composition that is not only charged with meaning, but is aesthetically pleasing as well.

This piece is regal and proud. The bird has the heart of a king,  standing with his long neck outstretched and his head cocked, as if he is surveying his kingdom.
The bird's face is beautifully framed by the brilliant, electric and softly undulating plane of pinkish red muskox horn.



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