9" Dancing Bear by Moe Pootoogook *Youhoo*

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Mosesee Pootoogook

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Inuit art: Dancing Bear    
Inuit Artist: Moe Pootoogook
Size: 9" tall, 6" wide, 3" deep
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine
id: dfa-16444ffjy

Amazing Movement!

This is a stunning dancing bear carved by the very talented Moe Pootoogook.

I anticipate receiving each Pootoogook carving because there is such immense joy and delight in each one of his bears.

You cannot look at one of his carvings and not be moved by their radiance and technical perfection.

Like so many of Pootoogook’s subjects, this jolly bear appears to be enjoying himself immensely.

Yes, Youhoo is high fiving the world with his right arm high up in the air, but do you realize that by placing the arm at this angle, the artist is now more challenged to balance the bear so he doesn't tip over?

Our gain has now become the artist's pain.

But as you can see, Moe can easily meet this challenge.  

Moe's bears often have an exaggerated body part.

This piece has exceptionally long arms and meticulously detailed gargantuan paws.

This disproportional body habitus gives the bear a cartoon-like appearance and a happy disposition!

I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t be thrilled to own this bear.

Pootoogook is a genius!


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