7" Inuk and Umiak by John Marie Ivalutinar *Oceans Away*

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John Marie Ivalutinar

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Inuit art: Inuk and Umiak Boat
Inuit Artist: John Marie Ivalutinar
Size: 7" long, 6" high, 4" wide (not including the oars)
Community: Repulse Bay, NU
Stone: Limestone and Caribou bone

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Masterpiece Carving! Incredible Detail!

This is a very special depiction of an Inuit man in his boat.

Special because this daily life scene EXPLODES with exquisite detail.

The boat has a Mast, a Boom, a Rudder, a Sail and numerous ties lashing the sail to the mast and boom.

The industrious Inuk is holding the boat rudder and guiding his boat home while his other hand tightly grips his spear.

The man is resting after his long day hunting and fishing.

His job is to provide for his family.

Many daily life vignettes feature Igloos, and dog sleds and hunting scenes with kayaks.

I believe this is a depiction of an Umiak boat which is a wooden frame boat covered with seal or walrus hide which could be used to transport several people and supplies.

I am in awe of John's workmanship and creativity which has resulted in this captivating carving.

Not only a stunning piece of art, Oceans Away documents a very specific moment in the history of modern Inuit life


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