8" Polar Bear by Derrald Taylor *Snoozing in the Sun*

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Derrald Taylor

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Inuit Art: Polar Bear
Artist: Derrald Taylor
Dimensions: 7.5" long, 2.5" tall, 5" wide
Community: Tuktoyaktuk, NWT 21
Stone: Marble
id: d-25988fjjy

Masterpiece Sculpture!

I am enraptured with this sweet polar bear lying on the snow and ice.

Is he waiting for his Mom?  Lunch time?

Or has he passed out in the sun, enjoying a midday snooze?

Derrald's choice of white Italian marble for our polar bear cub is perfect.

You MUST have the right colour of white and the right texture of stone for the perfect polar bear sculpture.

The stone is exquisite when bathed in light. The bear looks so realistic you expect him to be soft to the touch.

Taylor has earned himself a spot among the ranks of today's top master carvers like Damien Iqualla, Ruben Komangapik and others.

His sense of motion, dynamics and movement are exceptional and a testament to the talents one must posses to be considered among the greats.

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