6" SIGNATURE Owl by Joanasie Manning *Toast*

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Joanasie Manning

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Inuit art: Owl
Inuit Artist: Joanasie Manning
Size: 6" Long, 2" Tall, 4" wide 
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 
Stone: Serpentine 
id: dfa-7836Pejj

** Joanasie Manning SIGNATURE Owl carving

Toast is a chirpy young owl ready to meet the world.

Large white eyes.

An air of confidence.

His wings spread out to his sides, providing safety like a child's fort.

Toast perchs on the ground, observing everything and everybody around him.

He can't wait to be an adult when he will become a formidable raptor.

Toast is one of Joanasie Manning's signature Owl carvings.

I believe that the most attractive feature of this piece, is its capacity to capture your heart.

Don't you feel yourself rooting for this ambitious little fellow?

I am enchanted with Toast's sumptuous colour.  

Joanasie's owls are usually a stunning jet black or dark green.

Occassionaly, Joanasie will stray from his usual stone and tease us with a new colour.

Check out Joanasie's 12" Mother Owl and Chick.

This is Joanasie flexing his imagination muscle.


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