6" Muskox by Peter K. *Salted Caramel*

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Peter K.

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Inuit art: Muskox
Inuit Artist: Peter K.
Size: 6" long, 5"tall, 2" wide
Community: Yellowknife, NWT 21
Stone: Alabaster, muskox horn
id: d-7741cbjy

Do you love Muskoxen?  

Are you becoming a fan of Peter K?

If you love muskoxen and Peter K.and you don't snap up this enchanting little muskox you have to ask yourself why?

The sweetness of this piece is obvious.

Beautiful deep caramel colour with a headpiece that is stunningly detailed for a piece of its size.  I love his lop sided ears and the innocence of his muskox face.

The perfect gift for yourself!  

And your loved ones.



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