12" Basking Walrus by Jimmy Iqaluq *Sleepy Splendour*

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Jimmy Iqaluq

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Inuit art: Walrus 
Inuit Artist: Jimmy Iqaluq
Size: 12" long, 5" high, 5" wide. 7 lbs
Community: Sanikiluaq
Stone: Argillite (polished to mirror shine)
id: d-60679ajjjy

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Have you seen a more spectacular walrus carving?

Walruses are large "sprawling" animals.

Their hides are rippled with folds of thick fat.

The walrus loves to bask in the sun on the Arctic ice.

This is a perfect walrus sculpture. 

They don't get better than this.

Jimmy Iqaluq is a legend.  

Every one of his sculptures represents decades of devotion to his art.

I love this Iqaluq walrus.

The signature red eyes, the fishing line whiskers and the meticulously carved claws and tusks.
Only Jimmy inserts individual whiskers into the muzzle of a walrus.

Jimmy is a meticulous and fastidious carver.

His devotion to detail is one of the reasons Iqaluq is one of Canada's top five Inuit carvers.

This is a brilliantly polished and beautifully detailed walrus by world-famous Jimmy Iqaluq. 

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