10" Seal by Clayton Keknek Gjoa Haven *Contemplating Life*

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Clayton Keknek

$1,680.00 CAD

Inuit art: Seal Transformation
Inuit Artist: Clayton Keknek
Size: 10" long, 4" high, 4" deep
Community: Gjoa Haven, NU 7/20
Stone: Serpentinite
id: c-016

Gjoa Haven carvings can be playful and then, they can surprise you with their quirkiness.

For instance, A seal is usually sleek and streamline.  The body tapers in the hind flippers.

Kekneck’s seal has over-sized and exaggerated flippers which look like stubby legs.  The body is short and not at all sleek.

Seal eyes are protuberant and wide like a puppy.

This Gjoa Haven seal has small flat inlaid eyes and very large nostrils demonstrating how the artists from this area love to be mischievous and unpredictable with their carvings.

The dark smooth soapstone is the classic medium for sculptures from Gjoa Haven.

Gjoa Haven artists have a distinct carving aesthetic.  There are no othe areas in the Far North whose sculptures are so easily identified.

Every art collector should have Gjoa Haven pieces in their collection.

See our notes on The Gjoa Haven Collection.


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