RESERVED** 8" Zuni Horse by Jeff Shetima *Palamino*

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Jeff Shetima

$4,640.00 CAD

Art: Horse
Artist: Jeff Shetima
Size: 8.25" long, 5" high, 2.5" wide
Community: Pueblo Desert, New Mexico 6/22
id: d-6672cbjjy

WARNING Note to clients** This item is reserved for a client. Please DO NOT attempt to purchase this piece online. If you place the sale on the online store, you will receive a refund minus an administrative merchant fee of up to 10% which is not reversible on our end.

Jeff Shetima is a Zuni native living in New Mexico and a member of the Zuni Pueblo.

Magnificent Movement!

Is there any creature on earth that depicts freedom and majesty more than a wild horse?


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