20" Spiralled Tusk Narwhal by Inuk Charlie

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Inuk Charlie

$4,480.00 CAD

Inuit Art: Narwhal
Artist: Inuk Charlie
Size: 20" long, (including tusk), 10" high, 5" wide,10 lbs
Community: Taloyoak
Stone: Serpentine
id: ndc-164-112627bhjjy

Museum quality Carving!

Narwhals are high on my list of Fascinating Animals.

Their tusk is a large tooth that can be 12 feet long.

Some narwhals have double tusks!


This narwhal is anatomically perfect.

Our narwhal is sleek and mysterious as it glides through the cold Arctic water.

Inuk Charlie has carved the most detailed spiralled tusk.


The tusk is made of reindeer antler.

The contrast of the white tusk with the grey  body creates a complex and magical piece that belongs in your Inuit art collection.


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