11" Sedna Sea Goddess by Master Carver Ruben Komangapik

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Ruben Komangapik

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Inuit art: Sedna Sea Goddess
Inuit Artist: Ruben Komangapik
Size: 11" long, 7" high, 2" wide
Community: Iqaluit, NU
Material: Mixed Media, Muskox Horn, Silver
id: d-7789ejjjy

Masterpiece Carving! Museum quality Sculpture!

Ruben Komangapik is a well respected Inuit Master Carver.

Ruben has used soapstone, silver and a large Muskox horn to carve the Inuit story of how the Narwhal was created.

Starting at the large base of silver and soapstone, Ruben has placed an Inuk woman holding a beluga whale.  As the story progresses, there are multiple characters along the way until finally the last small carving is the star of the story, the Narwhal.

I videoed Ruben on April 29, 2022 as he told the story.

What is especially captivating about this piece, is the tremendous detail, shine, and exquisite craftsmanship>

Only Ruben could carve this stunning piece.

When subjected to light, the Muskox horn is a opaque pastel pink which allows all the details of the characters to glow.

Inuvik Inuit Art Festival - Sedna by special guest, Ruben Komangapik

Over the years, my tastes have greatly evolved. I now truly appreciate pieces like this. Pieces that tell a timeless story, and depict the life of the traditional Eskimo.


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