VINTAGE 13" Hunter and Seal by Late Tukiki Manomie RCA

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Tukiki Manomie

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Inuit art: Hunter and Seal c. 1980 
Inuit Artist: Late Tukiki Manomie (1952 - 2008) - RCA
Size: 13" tall, 10" wide, 4" deep
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 
Stone: Serpentine
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Vintage Masterpiece! Museum quality Carving!

We are so fortunate to have recently acquired some vintage carvings from the 70s and 80s.

Tukiki Manomie, Ishuhungituk Etungat, Ashevak Tunnillie and Tommy Takpanie Sr were  awarded the prestigious RCA award (Royal Canadian Academy of Arts) for their stone sculptures.

Established in 1880 through collaboration by the Ontario Society of Arts and the Art Association of Montreal, the 26 charter members were the nation's most accomplished painters, sculptors, architects and designers.

Since 1970, the RCA has embraced all the visual arts.

There are 700 active members in Canada whose mandate is to the foster the visual arts through exhibitions and publications.

How proud would you be to have a vintage carving from an Inuit artist deemed to be an important contributor to the visual arts in Canada?

This Inuk and his seal are over 40 years old. 

The colour is brilliant.  The gold colour is warm and rich. The colour intensifies over the legs, hands and seal giving the carving more depth and complexity.

You can see that this piece is more primitive in its style than some of the "younger" more contemporary carvings.

But still, this historical sculpture is detailed beautifully. 

The seal's face shows dismay.  The Inuk stands proudly on the ice, satisfied with his catch.

This is a rare opportunity to expand your collection with a Manomie carving. 

Manomie's works were highly regarded by the Royal Canadian Academy of Art as fine examples of  Inuit sculptures.

I could see this piece someday making its way into a national art gallery or museum.


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