Have Your Cake AND Eat It Too!

You see a stunning Inuit carving and immediately want to make it your own.

But this month, you have so many financial obligations, you just can't swing the full payment.

Layaway plans make it easier to purchase a piece of art when you want to pay over time.

BUT, with layaway plans, you only receive the purchase after all the payments are made.

Which means it takes months to perhaps a few years until you receive your magnificent sculpture.

Now, there is an alternate. 

The popularity of online shopping has created more options in Payment Plans.

We are introducing Paybright to our clients.  This plan allows you to break down the cost of a purchase into installments with NO impact on your credit score, NO interest...

AND (this is the good part) you receive your purchase today. 

YES!  Enjoy your purchase today and pay later!

Now, you have another payment option.

You can still take advantage of our traditional Layaway Plan or you can choose Paybright. 

Click on the Paybright logo located above the Add to Cart button on the description page of each carving.

Pay over time for the things you love.

You CAN  have your cake and eat, too!